Kindness is Everywhere

I have to say, kind people are all around us. In an age where negativity and heartbreak flood the media, it’s a relief to read about or witness some small act of kindness.

Think about walking out the door today with the intent to help someone. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture, maybe just letting someone over in traffic or holding the door for someone. Smile while doing it too. These are such easy, free gestures that can perhaps lift a stranger’s spirits. Who knows what that stranger is going through at home or work. You can make a great difference just by being kind.


My Mal

I am guilty of having a bad day and taking it out while driving in traffic, or getting impatient while waiting in line at some store or the post office. I know it does a favor to no one, especially me. Misery breeds misery, so I have to make a conscious effort to check myself.

So, check yourself today. Think about this:what if everyone was kind to everyone else? What an amazing place the world would be! And by the way, your actions have consequences; you are that important.


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