Umm, Applesauce

Catchy title, yes? Truth is I’ve had a thing for applesauce lately, and I’m just not sure why. It was always such a treat as a kid. I had forgotten about it until I was out and about yesterday and stopped by the store. A happy surprise.


Here in Dallas, TX, spring starts early and it’s driven me out of the house for long walks with my dogs. It sure beats the harsh freezing weather in Pittsburgh (although I miss the snow). Don’t get me wrong, it’s cold here but I know how to bundle. On our walks, I catch glimpses of a hawk that has made its home somewhere behind my house along the greenbelt. He’s there everyday. He’s very majestic I think. And he eats critters I would rather not have in my backyard.

In my state of ever-awareness I’ve noticed more birds singing, trees starting to bloom and the arrival of some insects. It’s not even March, but where has this year gone? Besides that, where has this DAY gone? Gotta go!


My Mal – a T-Rex by military standards


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