Lesson(s) Learned

I am a beginning photographer; I took a course in college eons ago when digital technology had yet to be made available to the masses. In this respect I am a self-taught novice so I know I’m going to have to work harder to make my own niche in this profession. I have no delusions about my abilities whatsoever, so I am more forgiving of myself when I make mistakes or have those ‘whoops’ moments. DSC_0038

ImageBut I learn. Luckily, I’m not making money on my photos right now and these hiccups aren’t costing me money, just time and effort. And causing disappointment, palm-slapping-my-forehead disappointment. So, I will share with you what I learned this weekend.

Lesson #1. Weather can affect your subject. Downtown Dallas boasts some great spots to photograph, including the Fountain Place. Known for its striking architecture, this is considered a landmark and is one of the most recognized buildings when looking at the Dallas skyline. At its base, 217 water jets entertain anyone watching with “dancing water gardens”. What I read of the fountains online reminded me of what I had seen in Las Vegas at the Bellagio. HOWEVER, if the weather is below a certain temperature, say FREEZING, the fountains are…turned…off. Yes, we made the morning trip downtown only to find flowing water but no beautiful displays. I guess those fountains freeze up. That’s okay. This was within walking distance of the West End, the area where Kennedy was shot in 1963. I walked in the cold and clicked some pics there.


The city has landscaped some beautiful water pools with flower beds and other structures so my time was not a complete waste.

Lesson #2. Don’t delete your photos from your camera before or after the initial download. My Mac always prompts me to keep or delete the photos from my camera, and I have always deleted. When I did so this afternoon, I lost over 130 pictures. I had spent part of the day at White Rock Lack snapping pictures of wildlife, water, boats, the boat house, etc. I was super charged afterwards, When I got home, I started my download but it took so long I thought my Mac had frozen so I closed out the program. Once I re-opened it, it continued the download of photos. Little did I realize the first 130+ photos had been lost with the initial dump. It was completely my fault, I know what happened and I did it. I still got some good shots and enjoyed the day with my favorite guy, so it was minor but I won’t make that mistake again.

I pass these lessons, and others at some point I’m sure, to anyone reading my blog. I’m still very happy with my collection and spent two wonderful days out and about in the heart of Dallas with the best company I know. So, snap on people. Chin up. Everyday is a new lesson learned.


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