Haunted by the DEW

I have so many favorites in this world…Image

Topping my favs, my family which includes my husband and pets. They fill my days with much love and plenty of blessings.

Clearly I favor photography, but there’s Greek food, decorating blogs, fashion, science fiction movies, and so on and so on. You get the idea.


But, I have a dark side. Since this is MY blog, my Pam Cave, I can share it here without worry of judgement so I offer a peek into my private world. I am not in the best of health. I woke up exhausted this morning (it happens more lately) so I have to make some positive changes to improve not only my physical health and stamina but my mental health too. I’m hopeful that by putting this in writing I will hold myself more accountable. So today, my first step is to eliminate the Dew. Yes, I have my caffeine fix with diet Mt. Dew. I just have to have the Dew in the mornings and throughout the day. I’ve quit it before for short periods of time but this time is permanent. Permanent!

So here’s to the beginning of taking control and taking better care of myself. It’s a tiny step but just the very first. I’m not taking any more chances with my health. By the way, I also ADORE Christmas. IMG_0652

Happy snapping all!


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