Hot Cocoa and Snow

My old stomping ground is in the path of a big snow storm and I’m a little homesick for this time of year. While I miss the snow and curling up with hot cocoa under a blanket in front of a fire, living in a warmer climate has a few advantages. I mean, I don’t have to cover every single inch of my body just to take a walk with the dogs. I slip on the ice a lot less too.

Oh! And I can get out to take photos while enjoying the sunshine!


White Rock Lake, TX by pk


Mallard by pk

Plus, I get to see wildlife up close. It’s hard to believe but I’ve never seen a mallard duck up close.

And even closer…


Mallard close up by pk

Love this guy’s purple head, but he wasn’t thrilled about getting his picture taken. Camera shy guy.


Camera Shy by pk

Well, I can still have hot cocoa and curl up under a blanket…outside on the patio. Happy snapping people!


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