summer long ago

I remember as a kid staying with my sister at my grandma’s house in North Carolina. Grandma (we called her Meemaw) couldn’t drive so if she took us anywhere it was usually downtown Hickory for a little lunch and window shopping. This was a rare trip and being so young, I remember only a few things. The smell of the cab and the cab driver, flop sweats from the stifling heat, and eating a burger at an old department store diner.


Downtown by pk

I mostly remember my Meemaw though. She always smelled of perfumed powder and dressed in a nice floral print dress with stockings and her Sunday shoes. She would put on face powder and lipstick, she was just so pretty. And her jewelry! I loved her brooches. Now we weren’t rich by any stretch, but my Meemaw knew how to fix herself up. She took such care with her appearance.


Spoons by pk

While I don’t miss the past, I do miss my sweet Meemaw who taught me so many things.

Here’s to summers long ago, cab rides and holding the warm hand of my darling Meemaw, Lucille.

Love your family. Maybe say something kind to a loved one, say thank you or just sit down for a meal with that person. None of us are on this earth for long. Keep snapping.


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