yes, please

A few months ago I broke down and joined the masses in getting an iPhone. I almost hate that I love it. So many resources at your fingertips can make your head spin, and it didn’t take long until I discovered the world of APPS. Ah, you can find everything from photography to bird calls to embarrassing sounds in app-land. I was thrilled when I found an app that makes snapping a quick picture a work of art! Well…sort of.


Sleepy Chief by pk

This is a picture of my mal, Chief, who loves to grab the pillows on my bed and either wrestle them or rest his head. I can’t count the number of pillow cases I’ve had to replace… I took this with my iPhone in pretty low light. But it’s one of my favorite images of him.

The next picture is the same photo only converted to a gray-tone pencil sketch on the My Sketch App. It was free or I wouldn’t have bothered. I believe you can upgrade to more options if you like for a fee. This isn’t a paid review or any such promo, just information sharing.


sketch of Mal by pk

The app has a variety of ways to make your photo look drawn or painted and it includes sepia tones and colored sketches. A tiny treasure in the iPhone universe.

Have a wonderful week my friends. May the light be just right for snapping.


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