One of my goals is to pass along lessons I’ve learned and as each day passes, I am schooled. This “lesson session” is continued from an earlier blog, Lesson(s) Learned.

Lesson #3: Have patience. I pray daily for patience in all things, but I didn’t know the good Lord would make me earn it; it’s not a gift. I started earning my patience when I got married (and I’m still earning it) but I’m especially practicing it in my photography.


Diving by pk

I knew if I kept my camera handy I would eventually capture some amazing pictures of my hawk. Patience rewarded. When I’m at a location looking for a picture, I have to take my time. I actually don’t take a lot of pictures because of this. What I see in my head is what I want on film, so I wait until I’m ready.


Reflect by pk

Lesson #4: Learn from your work. This one is important to me. I scrutinize my work, and one of the things I’ve discovered is I’m crooked. Crooked!

When I’m taking a still photo, many of my images are slightly off balance. Very disappointing, but I’ve learned to take that into account when I’m about to snap a photo. Sure, aperture setting is a priority but sometimes a photo has to be straight.

Finally, lesson #5: Re-evaluate. I constantly go over old photos looking for a picture I missed, something that didn’t catch my eye before but it was there all along.


The Toes Knows by pk

I have to get snapping while there’s still a morning left!


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