After traveling approximately 12 hours to Big Bend National Park, I was rewarded with probably the most amazing views I’ve seen. Even with the water levels extremely low, the Rio Grande separates Texas and Mexico.


Canyon by pk

What’s remarkable about this picture is that I climbed up the right side of this “wall” and took many more pictures. But what I especially find impressive is the cactus in the upper right hand side of the photo. It is growing right out of the rock. And thriving!

I took a close up of it. I got as close as I could considering there aren’t hand rails to prevent you from falling off the side of the canyon. If you have a fear of heights, well this type of adventure might not be for you.


Hardy by pk

So much to enjoy and marvel at here in the desert.  I hiked with my husband for three days in triple digit heat. There was very little wild life, after all, it was the desert. And the heat was dryer so that made it more tolerable.

Then I heard cowbells. In the desert? I climbed over a small ridge and just over the Rio Grande in Mexico were sweet cows grazing. A beautiful sight that made me happy. I love cows.


Cowbells by pk

This trip is very special to me. My husband and I took it just after getting good news about a medical condition I have. Once we received that news, I felt as though I could breathe again. I felt so light, so very grateful. I was a positive person before, but now my blessings are never taken for granted. My ongoing message is to take nothing for granted. Life is a beautiful journey. Stay positive and happy snapping to you all!


3 thoughts on “Cowbells

    • Thank you so much Himani! You are very sweet, and I can see the positive in you in your writings too. I do love being outside more than just about anything, and all the pictures are taken by me. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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