challenge met

I’m getting a bit more brave with my camera and having tackled subject matter I really enjoy and am comfortable with, I gave myself a next step to take: people. The only people I’ve successfully photographed have been my family, especially my husband. My cowboy.


My Cowboy by pk

He is a very easy target and photogenic in my opinion. Like that cowboy hat!

We met some friends for dinner tonight at the Deli News in Dallas. On Wednesdays, the Deli offers some musical entertainment that I really enjoy. Both gentlemen are very talented and kind enough to let me take their photos.


Musica! by pk

As I clicked away, I was drawn to other customers, Deli staff and the owner, Rick. But I was once again drawn to different shapes, colors, contrasts so I didn’t fight it and worked those in too.

I suppose what I have really focused in on is losing the fear of getting what I want. I walked around the restaurant taking pictures despite feeling a bit awkward and conspicuous. I’m more of a stay behind the scenes kinda gal.


Diner by pk


Accordion by pk


Rick by pk


Play by PK

Good food, friends, conversation and music. Taking pictures was just icing on the brownie. By the way, the Deli has great brownies! Snap it up friends.


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