Not far from Dallas is Fort Worth, TX. It’s a smaller town with so much history and character, and for that reason, I wouldn’t mind living there.


Stock Yards by pk

I hope to go back for another visit very soon, get some more pictures and maybe explore more than just downtown where the stockyards parade their cattle through the streets twice a day. The steer are massive! And the strength they must have just to carry the large, dense horns is amazing. Puts Pamplona’s running of the bulls in a totally different perspective.


Parade by pk

With every “round up” there has to be cowboys. Most were men but there was a cowgirl here and there. All were riding horses, wearing weathered chaps and hats, all very steady.


Horns by pk

Too bad you can’t pet the bulls. Well, I guess you could but the cowboys might object. The bulls might object too. Go get the snap on and have a better week y’all.


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