I’ve had to remind myself lately to not bend to what others think or prefer. My preferences, my choices, my words are, simply put, mine. I carry a past of earning approval vs. disapproval and avoiding conflict. This is an exhausting way to live so I have worked to eek that out of my personality. Still that need bites at my bones some days. So I love my photography because it pleases me more than I can express here.


Spiral by pk


Stone Carved by pk


Bridge by pk


Pond Path by pk

My pictures make me happy, it’s what I love so I will keep snapping away. I hope you all will too.


3 thoughts on “mine

  1. Do not let anyone bend YOU into THEIR shape. This behavior is unfortunatly so anchored in our society that it is difficult to resist and affirm “I am”… Bosses want to shape us, advertising does it, media do so, family is master at it, etc.
    You are a strong person Pam, kudos 🙂

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