I’ve been visiting family. I managed to cram so many things into such a short time, including taking some pictures before my camera battery died.


Rose by pk

After I arrived, my wonderful mom fixed me one of my favorite dinners and we caught up while staying in. The weather had turned cold and rainy for my stay. My mom does NOT like to be photographed but a snuck one or two.


Mom candid by pk


Mom and B by pk

And she’s very smart about avoiding pictures. My niece and nephew were more willing subjects, and so very photogenic. By Saturday, the sun was back out.


A and B

I’m still kicking myself about letting my battery go dead AND forgetting my battery charger. Lesson learned. But who does that? Nevertheless, I have more pictures for later. I used my camera phone to take just a few more so those are still waiting to be edited. While life gets back to routine here, keep snapping people…but check your battery life first.


4 thoughts on “Carolina

  1. These are lovely photos PK. I like the way you portrayed your mother from the side. I like the little details in the photo like her reading glasses on the book and her thoughful expression. Beautiful rose as well and great pics of smiling family members. Hope you have a wonderful visit. 🙂

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