I happened to travel just after the tragedy in Boston took place and security was understandably heightened. People seemed tense, and I noticed there wasn’t much laughter or smiles, just travelers wanting to get to their destinations. Lines were longer and slower. The security checkpoint took longer, police were more visible. Everyone seemed more…quiet.

Those waiting for a plane were riveted by the news of the capture of one of the bombers while others were trying to get from point A to point B. And on their faces, a tight mixture of concern and acceptance.


Attention by pk


There! by pk

And those brave individuals who were present, who are ever present, for our safety as a whole.


Soldier by pk

I also met Sekko, a K-9 detection dog that searched my bag while I waited for the rest of my luggage. So handsome and so obedient. I am a die-hard fan of working dogs and their handlers. So much hard work and training all for the public’s good.


Sekko by pk

I watch people and often wonder about their reasons for travel. A happy reunion (hopefully) or family needs? Business? Escape? On this particular trip I was happy flying to my destination and happy flying back home. Home secure home.


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