so dear

I discovered a long lost memory when I visited my mom last week. I had forgotten all about this special doll.


Charlotte by pk

When I saw her in my Mom’s dining room all the memories of holding her came rushing back. She didn’t have a name in all that time, not that I know of, so I’ve decided to call her Charlotte. She came to my mother as a gift from her brother. My uncle was in the military overseas and brought Charlotte home from Italy for his little sister.


Painted nails by pk

I was always very careful if I got to hold Charlotte. Looking at her now, I realize she is a piece of art. She is made of porcelain and has painted nails, pierced ears, and moveable joints. Oddly, Charlotte is dressed in a kimono robe that has fans painted on it, so I’m still not exactly clear what she was doing in Italy all those years ago.


Sitting pretty by pk

What is clear, is how my mom treasures Charlotte because it reminds her of her brother who loved her so dearly. May we all be so dear to someone in this world.


2 thoughts on “so dear

  1. This is just a stunning post. I am knocked out by the images and the text alike. Dolls–at least well-done dolls–have an air of the uncanny about them, and this doll seems to be entirely sentient. Brilliant work.

    • Thanks SOS, you are very generous! I appreciate your feedback. I am not a huge fan of these types of dolls, the ceramic ones. But that doll is even more beautiful in real life.

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