Splash by pk

I was able to capture this sweet House Sparrow taking a bath in our pool, and managed not to scare it off in the process. He was so playful and stayed for a while. He almost doesn’t look real in this next shot, like a stuffed toy.


Toy by pk

We are actually having a spring here in Texas which tickles me. The smothering heat hasn’t set in and the grass is still green as are the trees. Birds, rabbits and squirrels are everywhere. Is it too much to ask that our summer be the same?


Sunrise by pk


Shy by pk

But Texas is Texas so I suppose it’s only a matter of time before we are under strict water restrictions and the seasonal drought is in the news every day. But I will still hope and pray for rain, because I have learned life is just too beautiful to be without such sights.


Rose wave by pk


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