This is my nephew, Andrew, and Lulu.


Joy by pk

I love Andrew, he is quite special to me. With each visit to see my family we get a little closer.  He is a beautiful boy, and almost always happy. Like most kids he loves his family and animals (especially dogs), he looks forward to going to school, and he wants dessert before eating a meal. And he is a special-needs child. He has Angelman syndrome.


Sister by pk

When my sister told me about Andrew’s diagnosis I was simply relieved he wasn’t going to die. But with his condition comes a lifetime of care-taking for his parents.


Mom and me by Chelsea

So with much respect, I salute good mothers everywhere, especially those who invest themselves in their children. I also stand in awe of parents who have kids with special needs or injuries and illnesses, such as my sister. I cannot fathom what you have to do each and every day.

I’ve learned so much from my own mother – from how to do a cartwheel to the secret of immense self-control (there is no secret, you either have it or you don’t). I also learned how to be an open-minded person, perhaps the most precious gift she offered.

I hope you all are spending Mother’s Day with those who love you most. May you feel celebrated.


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