my memory

I believe one of the many reasons I love taking pictures is because I don’t have the best memory. We all say that but for me, it’s true. I love looking back at my pictures and re-living where I was when I took them, how I was feeling at that time. I can often even remember the smells (that sounds weird but refer to my previous post, Perfume).

I was visiting Tennessee when I found this charming bridge. It was a damp, cold day in December close to Christmas. The water was so still and so was the air. I call it perfect weather for me because I love getting warm when it’s cold.


Moss bridge by pk

My trip was wonderful. I was with my the people I love most in the world in a small town which, to my eyes, held immense beauty. I found it tucked in corners, along brick paths, and even in the local military cemetery.


Sacrifice by pk

I am so pleased I had my camera with me on this trip. I was still learning its bells and whistles but the images I took tell exactly the story I want to remember for years to come.


Brown Creeper catching insect by pk


8 thoughts on “my memory

  1. Really lovely photos PK. The bridge reflection in the still water is very pretty. My favorite though is the bird. I love the way you caught him plunging straight down like a feathered arrow. 🙂

    • Thank you! That means a lot to me as I value your “eye”. And to be honest, I was surprised to capture that tiny bird in flight. A blessing for my lens!

    • I have to say that was one of those shots where she was moving so fast I wasn’t sure I got her. But I was very happy when I looked at my pictures later. Thanks!

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