The dog brought to us looked average, definitely underweight.  She was friendly but skiddish; I couldn’t hold her attention. I should’ve known when we took her to our house that such a large open space would overwhelm her. After all, she had lived almost all of her 9 1/2 years in a fenced-in cement floored cage. Her fur was wiry, and she had an odor of urine.


Laika by pk

For the first two weeks I leashed her to my waist so she would have a sense of security and direction. She wasn’t house broken but after about a month, she had the hang of it (as long as I didn’t let her gorge on water).


Laika at home by pk

Laika H267 is a retired military working dog. She was as a detection dog, patrol dog and training aide to numerous military dog handlers. She served our country, she helped protect our freedom.  I honor her and all of those who serve our country, past and present, including the families of those soldiers.


Rest by pk

Today, Laika is napping beside me as I type this post. We adopted her from Lackland Air Force base over a year ago. She adores being petted and never meets a stranger. When we walk the neighborhood, she carries a tennis ball in her mouth. She wants for nothing. Her bed is my bed. Treats are plenty. She is dearly loved, and I am honored to be her person.


3 thoughts on “Laika

    • I take good care of her and spend so much time with both dogs, but really, we are the fortunate ones. She has taught me about quiet strength. We have a strong bond.

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