past time

I don’t think I’ve ever wished to be a kid again. Life is just too quick to look back and regret, and if you’re living it right, life can be good.

Mixed up by pk

Mixed up by pk

I’m not fool enough to think difficult, gut-wrenching times don’t affect people. I’ve had terrible things happen, but I can’t wallow for long. The longer I wallow, the harder it is to rise back up.


Big girl boots by pk

My past has given me roots so I grow. I pull on my big-girl boots, grab my camera, and dig in! Some days I have to dig in pretty deep to move forward, and who doesn’t?


Lunch on Sesame St by pk

I hope you’re able to rise up and get snapping today. It’s not always as easy as taking a picture.


3 thoughts on “past time

    • Thank you Christina! I visited your site a few days ago and just love your photos, especially the flowers. The color and perspective on those are just amazing. I also love your business name, The Bees Knees. A phrase I use to this day!

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