pure luck

Sometimes, a good photograph is pure luck. And a dash of good timing.


White-lined sphinx hummingbird moth

The weather was just so nice outside that we all sat on the patio after the sun set. Peace and quiet, warm breezes…and giant moths. Honestly, I thought what I was seeing flit from flower to flower were small hummingbirds, but it was too dark really see well. Of course I had to get my camera.


Hummingbird moth

Considering I couldn’t see clearly to focus the camera I didn’t do too badly. Right place, right time.


8 thoughts on “pure luck

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    • Thank you for the link to my post! I have enjoyed looking around your blog and love your adventurous spirit. The photos of the hummingbird moth and the caterpillars were great, esp the caterpillars. But it was your iguana that I adore. Does he live in your yard?

    • Thanks Nick. I have to say this is one of my all-time favorite shots. Turned out better than I could’ve dared hope for! A dainty little thing, isn’t it.

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