I traveled downtown over the weekend and enjoyed the last of the “spring” weather (translated: temps under 90 degrees). One of my stops was the Dallas Farmers Market. An excellent destination for SO many reasons.


Produce girl by pk

I took hundreds of photos focusing on several different projects. Today’s post reflects the people I photographed. I know you should have permission from a subject, but how would I get the candids? And I have no business cards as I’m just a beginner so explaining why I want a person’s picture would take some explaining. Any thoughts from professionals out there?


Taking a break by pk

As I walked around snapping, most people didn’t even notice me.


Break by pk

The above photo is of  a vendor who needed a break from the heat. Never saw me. The gentleman below noticed me and wasn’t too camera shy. Weirdly though, him watching me put me off so I smiled and kept walking.


Not shy by pk


Sadness by pk

And this little boy noticed me snap this picture and immediately turned away. I don’t blame him; I don’t like being in pictures either.


Beauty by pk

As this is the second time I’ve photographed people (other than family), I welcome any feedback. Positive or constructive. In the meantime, I am venturing out to a local airport soon for more picture taking. Have a safe and peaceful week!


3 thoughts on “faces

  1. These are absolutely stunning. You are really going to make me homesick! We used to walk to the Farmer’s Market on Sundays and I’ve never seen it from this perspective…love!

    • Thank you! I have a couple more posts with photos from the farmers market to come. Don’t be too homesick, from what I see of your posts and photos, you are making some wonderful memories!

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