Should I blush to discover I captured two cabbage white butterflies mating? I don’t know how they do it while flitting from flower to flower because I thought I was just photographing a pretty little moth. Surprise!


5 thoughts on “private

  1. I mentioned this photograph to the West Calhoun Hillbilly, who responded as follows: “Iffen em air butterflahs dissads tuh go bowt thish hyar bidness hwalst thaze a-flahn rown, Ah wreckin thay aint got no room tuh kumplane hwin summun taiks thair pitcher with thair browny kamruh. Puts me in mand of a liddle hintsidints involvin a revvnooer Ah noad. Thish hyar ole revvnooer hed taiken tuh snaken up on the ole hillbilly’s still hwalst the ole hillbilly wuz owt maikin duhlivries an havvin him a liddle sip er a duzzin. Well . . .”

    I stopped the Hillbilly at this point. He can become terribly long winded . . .

    Personally, I think that this is a marvelous photo–extraordinary not just for the moment but also for the color and composition. Is this a split-complement scheme (yellow-purple-green)?

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