My love of photography, a passion now, is infusing my life with more sass and courage.


Sunny face by pk

I started hunting these fields of sunflowers over a month ago, never realizing that I was over a month early. When I found them (by accident) I was like a kid at Christmas! Is that what photography is like for you fellow bloggers? I imagine most people have that gusto for something (and I’m not talking about a person or love here), be it a job, a cause, a talent.


Hello world! by pk


Honey bee by pk

While the sea of sunny sunflowers made me kinda giddy, it was looking at the pictures I had taken that evening that had me grinning.


Sunflower sea by pk


New by pk

Have courage. You may find your passion sooner rather than later.


17 thoughts on “courage

  1. Fantastic photos! I love sun flowers. My daughter planted some in 2010 and I was ecstatic with my camera but they found them too hard to dispose of in the Fall and there are none this year… so I enjoye your photos two times over.

      • After they started to dry out and the heads dropped awfully brown and rotting away, they cut them and laid them on the ground. The heads that were still good were set out for of the birds. Eventually they had to be cut into pieces and disposed of with rest of the garden refuse. The seeds are very well attached – it is not easy to take them out one by one, and they grow poorly the following year. What you photographed were commercially cultivated fields, managed differently than you can at home. Seed for “at home” grow into gigantic flowers, (ask Monsanto…) then they must be staked up. In my next reply I will give you the url of my post about the sunflower fable….

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