Botanic Garden Beauties

As I’m still new to photography, I’ve been researching, reading, looking at all things to enhance my images, and I’m so very interested in purchasing a macro lens. I’ve been going back and forth about it, mainly because of the money, but also because I can zoom in quite nicely with one of my two lenses.

I just started following Paula’s Photos blog and today saw her most recent post. I’ve never reblogged someone else’s post but I have to say this one is SO worthy. And the images may have convinced me to purchase (i.e. save up for) a macro lens. Enjoy and happy snapping friends!

Paula's Photos

botanic garden-2

botanic garden-6

botanic garden-8

botanic garden-4

botanic garden-9

botanic garden

botanic garden-3

botanic garden-10

botanic garden-11

botanic garden-7

botanic garden-5

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6 thoughts on “Botanic Garden Beauties

  1. Moi, sorry for the confusion. Her photos were tagged under macro photography but she explained in a reply that she uses her 50mm zoom (I think) with a revers ring. I will be checking the link to her Facebook page to figure out how she does it. The good news: I may not have to spend money on a macro lens. Score!

  2. Hi, PK. I don’t know how these photos were taken. I was told that reverse rings provide for superb close-ups.

    For what it’s worth, PK, I have a macro lens for my Nikon D5000. As I recall, you have a D5100. I got my macro lens for a very reasonable price, and I find it easy to use.

    • Thanks SOS, I appreciate the help! I’m still considering it. Love the results the macro lens offers, but I’m not familiar with the reverse rings so I’m in the process of researching that.

      • Hi, PK,

        I have a Samsung NX300, and I take macro images using a Canon FD 50mm macro lens or an Opteka 10x close-up filter. As I mentioned, I also have a Nikon D5000 and a dedicated macro lens. (I’m too lazy to get up and look at it, but I think that it’s the 40mm Nikon “Micro” lens, which is the equivalent of a 60mm lens in 35mm film cameras.)

        I think that I get better photos with the Samsung NX300, using either the old Canon manual lens or the Opteka close-up filter. But I find it a lot easier in general to use the Nikon macro lens–provided that I can see the image through the Nikon viewfinder.

        I’d suggest trying close-up filters before going to the reverse-mounting approach. My Opteka filter is very good, and I find it easy to use. It will autofocus with the standard kit lens for my Samsung NX300. I used it a couple of times with my Nikon D5000 (mounted to a 35mm prime lens), and I liked the results.

        All the best,


      • There are SO many options! I’m glad you told me about the filter as I’ll look at that too. I’ll figure it out eventually, but thanks for taking the time to offer advice. I’m always wanting to learn as much as possible!

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