Ah, the lightness of space. I got away from the urban population today and it was just beautiful. Quiet. Still. There’s a sweetness in the country.


Dirt Road by pk

As a teenager, if someone had told me I would have traveled as much as I have in my life, I would’ve told them that wasn’t possible.


Shade by pk

I’m blessed, and I know it every day. I say that often here, but it’s with conviction and purpose. You see, I grew up with a father who could be unkind, controlling, and abusive. As a result, I had little confidence and thought everything was my fault. I was convinced I couldn’t drive alone to an unfamiliar place because clearly I wasn’t smart enough to figure out how to get back home. It crippled me in a way. Then I met my husband-to-be, married, and moved hundreds of miles away. I never looked back. It was the best choice I have ever made.


Bare by pk

I’m hoping this proves to anyone who is living with similar ghosts that life is unimaginably full of purpose and promise. No doubt, there are challenges and difficulties, disappointments, sadness, pain.


Graze by pk


Hopper by pk

My father was an angry man. I am not.


Seeds by pk

 I have no regrets. My life is short.


Traveler by pk

But full of hope.

I dedicate this post to my dearest friend and only love, my husband, Jay. Hand in hand, Buddy.


4 thoughts on “space

  1. Just spectacular, on every level. I love all of these images–“Seeds” in particular.

    Your work is terrifically inspirational. I don’t know how to give awards, and I wouldn’t sign up for doing so even if I knew how. But your work is just great. Thanks.

    • I sure appreciate your praise SOS. Being just a beginning photographer myself, it gives me confidence to get feedback like yours. Blessings!

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