visiting, part 1

When any family or friends visit me in Texas, I like to take a trip to historical downtown Carrollton. It’s full of locally owned shops, and my favorite is the Silver Star Mercantile. My dear mom-in-law gladly let me drag her there for some window shopping during her recent stay. I didn’t have to twist her arm too much…


Wabbit sign by pk

The Silver Star is one of those places where the door jingles when you walk in. I love that!


Baking tins by pk

And the owner, Susan, has such an artistic, creative eye for packaging and presenting her wares. She has everything from buttons and books to antiques and barbecue sauce.


Notions by pk


Smile by pk

I used to be a jewelry hound, now I look more than I leap.


Some neck love by pk


Broach by pk

And you might tell yourself you’re just gonna look for a minute but an hour later, you’re still oohing and ahhing in the back of the store.


Summer time by pk


A message by pk

There’s nothing like a slow summer afternoon spent with loved ones. I hope your summer is sizzling too!


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