visiting, part 2

When my in-laws visit, time flies. It’s always a little challenge to find something or someplace new to entertain them. I think this visit was a success. A giant one.


T-Rex! by pk

Yes, we saw dinosaurs. Sort of. Well, not really considering the photo above was the only type of three dimensional dinosaur we saw. I took the above picture from a distance to make it look more menacing…

Once iside Dinosaur Valley State Park we made our way down into a dry riverbed where we began looking for the fossilized tracks of dinosaurs.


Riverbed by pk

Typically there is a river flowing through this part of the park but visitors can wade through it to find the tracks.There was only pools of stagnant water, no river for our trip. Have you ever smelled steaming hot stagnant water? But we did find a set of footprints.


Tracks ahead by pk


A trace of history by pk

When the tracks were discovered in the early 1900s, there were not only dinosaur tracks but beside those were the footprints of what appeared to be a human, proving man lived when dinosaurs roamed the earth. This evidence is surrounded by controversy as the proof is questionable. What we didn’t know during our visit was that most of the tracks had been removed when first discovered, so we only saw what could be considered one set of true dino tracks.


A debate by pk

My husband and his dad were sure, absolutely sure, they had found some of those man/dinosaur tracks. It took some convincing for my mom-in-law. I myself couldn’t see it. Of course I was looking for pictures to take…


Dinosaur path by pk


Common buckeye butterfly by pk


Bachelor’s Button by pk

But we had fun. And it’s awesome to think we were strolling around where giant creatures once lived. My father-in-law especially enjoyed the search.


Jim by pk

If he looks hot, well, did I mention it was a hot day? Must have been all the excitement from our visit.


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