I do love me some blue. It’s a color to get lost in I think. So why do people get “the blues”?


Blue hue by pk

I know other emotions share colors, you know: green with envy or jealousy, passionate red, black death, and so on. And so, is it strange that I can, if I know a person extremely well, see their color? I’m not saying I see this person in red only or green only, but for me, there is a hue about him or her. Believable or not it happens. Perhaps this is why I’m always distracted by and attracted to black and white images.


Color less by pk

No one I know is the color black nor the color white. Although my sweet Mom comes close with a brighter sunny yellow that rivals the sun. I don’t remember my father having a color, and ironically, he was color blind. So if you could be a color, what color would you be?


9 thoughts on “colorful

    • Thanks Taffy! Good to see you here. And I like the idea of changing colors on the surface. Do you remember mood rings and how the stone would change colors with how you were feeling?

      • Yes, like a chameleon… but also has its own colour 😉
        I remember one of my friends had a mood ring when I was younger. I was always interested in how it might work, but never got to try it…

  1. Definitely blue for me – turquoise blue. I’m impossibly drawn to it as you’ll see from a lot of the things on my blog. Turquoise is my birth stone – I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

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