The stores here are stocked with back to school items because it’s that time of year. I am already looking forward to Autumn! We aren’t in an Indian Summer here in Dallas (yet) so I’ve got my fingers crossed for an early fall. Makes me wonder what winter will bring.


Corn in drought by pk

But we are still in drought. I went out over the weekend to snap some photos and found some of the most interesting images beside the parking lot of Costco.


Brown-eyed Susan by pk

There was a large corn field next to the pavement. Beautiful color considering the corn wasn’t faring well due to the lack of water.


Stalks by pk

Later in the day, on a walk with the dogs I found this unusual seed pod fallen from a cedar tree.


Cedar pod by pk

I have to do some research to find out exactly what that is. I’m so fascinated by the color. The scent of cedar just lights up my memories of holidays past so my yearning for cooler weather and the fall is even stronger. Nope, I’m not a summer girl; I say bring on the sweaters.


4 thoughts on “fall

  1. Those colours are amazing Pam. We’ve had a fair bit of dry weather here too (yep even in the north of Scotland you can get a tan!). But it has bucketed down over the past few days and the garden has gone mad.

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