I have been out of town and am finally home after a three-day, 2200 mile driving trip to visit family. While it was such a fun-filled, happy trip, I am exhausted. My husband and I picked up my two amazing nieces in North Carolina and brought them back to Texas for a two-week visit. On our way, we stopped to enjoy a wonderful lunch with his family in Tennessee.


Rusty sunflower by pk

As you may know from previous posts, I love Tennessee. Such natural beauty! My sister-in-law has an amazing garden full of wildflowers, sunflowers, zinnias, and oh so many more. These lush blooms lure perhaps my favorite insect, the butterfly. Such delicate color and intricate design.


Yellow monarch by pk


Brilliant by pk


Sunny flower by pk

I’m finding more and more the photos I take are nature-centric. I guess I’m fascinated by how all of the complex parts of our environment work together. The intimacy of it all  is awesome to me.


Moth in flight by pk


Dark butterfly by pk

If you stop to look closely, really study what you see everyday, you may be surprised to find you appreciate that kind of simple beauty too. My you be rewarded for your efforts.


13 thoughts on “rewards

  1. I’m loving and hating butterflies at the moment… We saw some beautiful Common Blues amongst the wild flowers in North Uist recently – breathtaking. When we returned I discovered Cabbage White caterpillars munching on all my broccoli and cabbages. Hmmm.

    • Yes, they are so annoying and destructive. All that work! I hope yours is all salvageable. We lost most of our tomatoes to horned tomato worms (yuck!) and the birds. So disappointing.

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