sweet days

Finally, a short window of time to myself so I can start processing my photos and share a few of my adventures.


Family fun by pk

It all started with a very last minute trip to my home state of North Carolina. My family is there, and on a whim, my husband and I decided to drive the 1100 miles (one way) from Texas to pick up my two nieces and then drive them back, another 1100 miles. We had never done anything like this but it was a chance we couldn’t pass up.


Pool fun by pk

I suspect the main draw for my nieces to visit us was our pool. As soon as they clamped eyes on what I call our lagoon, it was LOVE!


M under falls by pk

The girls were with us for almost two weeks and spent a good fifty percent of that time in the pool. Who can blame them? We are in Texas!


B taking a rest by pk

Our house which is normally quiet was filled with kid talk and business, along with occasional dog barking. My younger dog isn’t visitor friendly so he was gated off. I was able to take the girls all around our area, including a weekend visit to a couple of local colleges, just in case one or both are interested in attending here in Texas.

On our drive to pick up and drop off my nieces we visited with my husband’s family. The weather in Tennessee was much cooler and pleasant, and I love seeing by bestie, Jay’s sister.


Robin and Pete by pk

Her cat Pete isn’t thrilled. Can you tell? But she and my father-in-law are wonderful gardeners and hers is in full bloom. It’s almost harvest time.


New pumpkin by pk

And I found more butterflies to photograph. I do love it there!


Smooth landing by pk

I still haven’t downloaded all my pictures yet so in my next post: the return trip home – Memphis, TN and Little Rock, AR. And possibly other photos I’ve forgotten I took!


6 thoughts on “sweet days

  1. I enjoyed your story telling. You’re so generous to drive across the country to have the girls in your beautiful lagoon! I love the pumpkin photo… Well, the portrait of lady Robin with that strong personality Pete alone could launch your photography business! Most of all, I envy your blue butterfly gift! This post brought a big smile on my face, thank you!!

  2. Well, I surely can’t blame the girls for wanting to stay with you after seeing your GORGEOUS pool! They are very lucky to have such sweet aunt and uncle to drive that far to retrieve them and spend so much time with them. They will treasure this trip for years to come.

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