Just a short post because I miss it here on my blog. While it’s true we make time for the things that matter, this pam cave of mine matters a lot, but sometimes you have to prioritize. Putting tasks or people in a specific order to be addressed just isn’t easy at times, but chaos is controlled when I make myself do it. A false sense of control maybe, but it works for me.

I took the mountain landscape photo on the return drive from North Carolina where I dropped my nieces back after their visit with us here in Texas. The mountain view in Tennessee is incredibly peaceful to me. The weather here was still cooler and there was only a slight breeze that day. I breathed deep and just relaxed. Wonderful.


Swallowtail butterfly by pk

Before leaving this area I found another cluster of butterflies just floating from perfumed flower to perfumed flower, dancing the day away. They kept flitting around so I didn’t get a sharp focus in many of my shots. But there was one or two. The time there was just too short. Too short.


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