Summer time traveling; mine has been fantastic, unforgettable. May I recommend stepping outside your comfort zone every now and then?!

Earlier this month I passed through Little Rock, Arkansas and walked around snapping pictures on a Saturday afternoon. I have to admit that I don’t know the name of the park I visited, or the bridge I photographed, or any names of the people I took pics of. Maybe one of you world travelers out there might recognize the bridge and give a girl some help…


August over AR by pk


Girl walking by pk

It was a perfect day for walking around, and I was surprised the area wasn’t more crowded. Why? Because as we approached this bridge located very near the Clinton Presidential Library, American Idol was holding outdoor auditions. There was a long line, but not as long or crowded as I thought a line for that show would be.

I was more interested in the lines of the bridge. As many shots as I took of this angle on the bridge, I couldn’t quite get the lines to appear straight. Makes me wonder if it isn’t a crooked bridge.


Crossing by pk


Belly Slide by pk

As my husband and I approached the bridge, there were a number of kids and parents sliding down hills in a public park. They all had cardboard boxes broken down as slides. Not only were the kids having a good time, but the grown ups were enjoying themselves too. I had fun just watching.


Thrilled by pk

The sky and clouds were so distracting to me. I can never seem to capture the intensity of the sky in my photos. And again, the bridge was fascinating. I knew as soon as I caught a far away glimpse of its rusty, blackened metal that I would love photographing it. However, once I looked at the pictures later, I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t capture the image as I had seen it in my head. But I’m still learning. Every. Day.


Little Rock Bridge by pk

Without a doubt, this was one of the best trips I’ve taken. I saw so many new things and learned a few things about myself as a photographer. That said, I’ve decided to take some photography courses. I am going to step a little farther away from my comfort zone. I have SO much to learn still. Happy Labor Day weekend all! Keep snapping away!



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