There were no blues felt during my recent visit to Memphis. As a matter of fact, my time there coincided with the annual Elvis Impersonator Convention. WHAT?!


Street play by pk

And there was a motorcycle convention in town as well. We saw much more of the motorcycles, but Elvis must’ve left the building (sorry, I had to do it). I didn’t catch one photo of the King.


Stars and Stripes by pk


Tweaked by pk


Kitty Cat scooter by pk

Motorcycles galore, all shapes, sizes, colors and styles lined the main streets.


Cycle paradise by pk


Harley by pk

One of my favorite bikes was this red Harley that had lighting woven around the engine.


Shops by pk

I took hundreds of photos and went unnoticed until I started taking shots of this dress kiosk whose owner didn’t seem pleased to have me photographing what she was selling. I didn’t stick around to shop.

It was a great visit, only one night, but so much was going on in town that I can’t wait to get back some day soon. Maybe then I’ll see Elvis. Have a snappy week people!


Nightfall by pk


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