I know most of the US is experiencing subzero temperatures, snow, ice, just all the nasty stuff winter can dish out. We here in Dallas, TX are at 21 right now, which is warm compared to the northern states, so my heart goes out to you.

Last year before Christmas, I was confined inside with my family for three days after an ice storm. I dragged my poor husband out to take a few shots close to our house but the lighting just wasn’t ideal. Makes me shiver just remembering the ice.




Winter ice

A wretched contrast to yesterday’s summer-like post, yes? Well, I will focus on the guaranteed arrival of spring, bringing warm breezes and the golden glow of the sun behind my closed eyes. I can smell the mowed grass and budding flowers, and feel my arms freckling while I walk the dogs unencumbered by my two sweaters topped off by a winter coat, scarf and knit hat.

Stay warm out there and be careful, because spring will banish the ice before you know it.


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