I do love black and white photography. I especially love the contrast, the dark blacks against the sharp whites. I sometimes wonder, however, if I don’t take the images too dark. I’d appreciate any thoughts from my fellow photographers.



Do I lose the details in the darkness? I’m truly puzzled as to how control the lighting in black and white work. I’m still such a beginner, and I’m seriously looking for some educational feedback here, no fishing for compliments here.




Drip dry



We are supposed to have some nice weather this weekend so I plan to venture out with my camera. With good lighting all I need to find are great subjects. I surely hope the sun is shining on you all, wherever you are.


4 thoughts on “basics

  1. In my opinion, these look perfect! My favorite is the first one of the tired young girl, but I think they are all great shots. Glad to see you posting again!

  2. Pam, I think your ‘darker’ contrast adds richness and detail… much better to have this and dodge some things lighter if needs be (when you print or retouch). You can’t add detail if it is not there in the first place.

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