The Pam Cave is a place I have carved out for myself where I can write, share, edit and work. I am not a counsellor or a doctor of any kind, but a woman whose experiences can be shared.

I have been a teacher, which is a profession I love and I job I do very well. Through teaching I discovered I am also a writer with a sharp eye for editing. My colleagues and friends would often come to me with papers, reports, letters to edit and proof. I am now a freelance editor; it is work I love, second only to teaching.

Photography is my creative passion. I don’t alter my images with photoshop or graphic design, just plain old camera photography with my Nikon d5100. While I prefer black and white photography, some images are just too stunning in color to disregard taking them. I will share several of my pictures on my blog because I LOVE it!

It took me years to get to this point in my life. Fear has clouded my past and we all know how our history can invade our present, sometimes tripping up our dreams. But I want to have pride in my present. I especially want to have a certain level of financial independence because the future doesn’t hold promises of happiness and security. Tomorrow is what we make of it.

So this blog is a place for me, but I hope for anyone who needs some inspiration or motivation. Every single person has a talent or skill. Period. If you don’t believe you have something you do well, part of my blog is dedicated to you. Don’t let others shape your opinion of yourself or your future. Open your mind to what it is you really want to do and do it well.

30 thoughts on “About

  1. I am agree with our points, mainly;
    – you learn from your daily experiences
    – Do not let others shape your opinion
    I wish you luck and hope to see some motivational stories and articles that help me get strong from inside.

  2. Hi Pam,
    I concur with your ways of looking at human values, past and future. I am a strong believer of “enjoy the here and now”.
    Like you I shot my photos with a 5100 (among other point-and-shoot cameras), but for me the click is only the start of the journey. I edit all my images, to give them the emotions I felt while shooting. Something I observed the camera is not able to record.
    I subscribe to your interesting blog. Remember: we were all beginners at some point to time 🙂
    Take care!

    • Thank you so much. I just found your blog today and love your pictures (and subjects) too. Thank you for your dedication to such an important cause.

  3. Pam! Your photography is fantastic! I’m loving the photos, but also the perspective with which you catch many of our (former) everyday areas of Dallas. Tres belle!

  4. Pam, yours is a great blog. I admire your photography, and I also admire your vision statement, in particular your assertion that “every single person has a talent or skill.” I agree with that assertion–and I also believe that we can become whole only by engaging actively in the creation of art.

    Thanks for blogging! I look forward to more of your photographs and insights.

    • Thank you, very much. Your comments mean a lot and I appreciate your praise. I hope to keep you engaged with each post. I love my photography, so much so that I want to travel more and more to find subject matter. Yours is a blog I admire as well.

    • That means a lot coming from you Christina, thank you very much. I adore photography and hope to be successful at it one day, such as yourself.

  5. I thought I’d read this but obviously it was too late at night last time to take everything in… I so agree with your comment ‘Every single person has a talent or skill’. In fact I seem to spend my life trying to make people realise that they can do anything if they put their mind to it. We had an amazing art teacher at my school, who could teach people to draw – something that most people think they can’t do, unless it’s already an obvious trait. It’s all about self belief.

    • You are spot-on with that. Believing you can do something that may be challenging. Sometimes our own self image can be a hindrance. I’m 44 and learning to push past what I consider possible. But you can count me in your corner as a cheerleader! I see your work, and it is wonderful. I expect you to be quite successful with your art. And your pottery is definitely an art.

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